Cat Grooming Services to Your Door

WeenyCat Groomers provides a number of cat grooming services which will make your cat's life happier and healthier! Stubborn cats are no issue for us. With a calm, patient approach, expert grooming techniques and experience in dealing with difficult cats we make sure your cat is looking their very best.

Tailored Quotes So You Get Exactly What You Want

All cats are different. Different in size, breed and temperament. Please contact us for prices. The more information you can provide on initial contact will assist us in giving you a realistic quote. We pride ourselves in providing an excellent service at a fair price.

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Hygiene Clip

Refers to the shortening of the hair around your cat’s rear to prevent spread of germs and infection.

Knot grooming

This can entail brushing/clipping out matted knots or brushing out dead hair.

Nail clip

Most outdoors cats do not require this service as nails are naturally worn down through climbing trees and walking outside. Cats that do not venture outdoors will benefit from this treatment.

Lion Cut

Some owners like this style of cut as it is easy maintenance, prevents knots and can keep your cat cool during the summer months.


In our experience cats and water are not a good mix and as such do not offer this service! If this is something that you specifically require we would suggest that you contact a reputable salon where all the necessary equipment such as shampoos and hairdryers are on hand to provide such a service.