The Mobile Cat Groomer for You

Looking for Cat Groomers in Gloucestershire? At WeenyCat Groomers, we have the experience and expertise to give your cat a healthier life and a cleaner look. Have our expert cat handlers trim and style your cat to perfection all in the comfort of your own home.

Grooming Cats in Gloucestershire, Bristol and Beyond

With our mobile cat grooming service, we come to you to avoid any unnecessary stress for your cat. We can travel to any location in and around the Gloucestershire area at a time convenient to you. You can book with confidence, knowing we will bring all the necessary grooming tools and equipment right to your door.

What to Expect from WeenyCat Groomers

We will come to your home and discuss your cat’s needs. After an initial examination/inspection, we will tailor a treatment and discuss what will be involved. We will explain each step as we go along so that you are fully involved in your cat’s grooming session.

Why a Mobile Grooming Service?

By the time you have wrestled your cat into it's pet carrier, both owner and cat can understandably be stressed before even leaving the house! Factor in the journey to the vet/salon and with it all the associated smells and noises, this makes for a very uncomfortable and frightening experience for your kitty. This is why we come to you!

Why not a Vet?

Vets will sedate your cat which is costly and there are always associated risks with any anaesthetic when administered. They will shave/clip your cat but from a practical view point so your cat can look ‘raggedy’ once done. A mobile grooming service alleviates all of this and leaves your cat beautifully groomed from head to paw.

A Relaxing Time for Both Owner and Cat

On the day of the visit, please ensure that your cat is inside and ready for his/her grooming session. Your cat can be groomed in the comfort of their own surroundings with their owners present at every step to calm and reassure them. No anaesthetic is required just a firm hand, gentle voice and patience.